I never thought I’d be affected by a celebrity’s death, but I am now. He’s now a Dead Poet himself.

glad that was cleared up! I suck at choosing wedding gifts. anyway, I'll make sure not to pass that bit along!
harukoooo harukoooo Said:

Lol thanks, dear!

i'm sorry to hear about your dog, I promise to love any pets I have as much as you loved Honey Bee! also, I heared through the grapevine- aka Caitlin Horton (get it cause her family owns a winery lol...) that you and Toryn are tying the proverbial knot! it just warms my heart to see my OTP becoming canon X ) well all jokes aside, i'm sincerely happy for you if you two are actually planning on getting married. <33333333 lots of love from your clone!!! Anna
harukoooo harukoooo Said:

WOAH!!!!! Toryn and I are getting hitched! Cool! I didn’t know that either!!!

But seriously, we’re not there yet. I guarantee you that Caitlin heard incorrectly.

And thank you. I still have my baby girl right now so I’m going to cherish every moment and hold onto my hope that this isn’t cancer. Thank you, Anna.

I don’t normally ask for this, but I have a special request from all of you:

Make sure you show your dog how much you love them today. 

Our four legged friends are only here for a short time, yet in that short time they give us so much love without asking anything in return. The least we can do is spend some extra time with them. 

My baby girl of 14 years, a basset hound named Honey Bee, very likely has cancer and I may only have a few months left with her. I love her so much. She has been my best friend since the first grade. She has not been mad at me for the decisions I have made or the people I have known. She waited for me when I left for college and was always glad when I got home. This is devastating but I swear I will make every last second with her count.

Before you regret those precious moments you didn’t spend with your best friend throw the ball one more time, scratch behind the ears more, give them a treat, go for a walk, do anything with them. Just love them for Dog’s Sake. 

It’s those days where you’re hurting emotionally and something has made your world stop but you don’t get how the rest of the world can still be moving.

So cunning and fluffy

Our tattoos!